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The Cranio-Sacral system consists of the membranes which surround the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord); the bones of the cranium (skull) and sacrum (tailbone) which attach to these membranes; the connective tissue which radiates out from the membranes to all parts of the body (enveloping every nerve) and the cerebrospinal fluid within and surrounding the brain and spinal cord. In a healthy nervous system all these structures pulsate in a rhythmical, balanced and symmetrical motion we call the cranio-sacral rhythm.

During Cranio-Sacral treatments the practitioner, through gentle hand contacts, is able to feel compressions and asymmetrical pulls of the cranial plates and underlying membrane system as well as the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid, and by releasing these restrictions  bring the whole system back into balance and symmetry.

I am a registered Physiotherapist and Cranio-Sacral Therapist also offering Therapeutic Massage and Kinesiology.

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Cranio-Sacral Therapy is an exceptionally gentle yet extremely powerful form of treatment, increasingly known for its comprehensive range of therapeutic effects and its ability to align the skull and spine, balancing the autonomic functioning of the nervous system. Treatment during pregnancy to prepare the mother for birth and treatment of all newborns is advised for optimal health. (read more…)